Professional Laser Therapy Machine (Skrilaser)


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High performance, high quality laser therapy machine
ISO 13485:2016 certified
model Skrilaser
laser therapy physiotherapy
low level laser therapy for physiotherapy / pain management
computerized laser therapy
laser type : semiconductor laser/ gaalas
large lcd graphical display
advanced software
preprogrammed for different medical application.
User can create and save the patient data

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High performance, high quality professional laser therapy machine

ISO 13485:2016 CERTIFIED
Laser Therapy Physiotherapy
Low Level Laser Therapy for Physiotherapy / Pain management
Laser type : Semiconductor laser/ GaAlAs
Large LCD Graphical Display
Advanced Software
Pre Programmed for different medical application.
User can creat and save the patient data

It is an effective advance high power therapeutic lnfra Red Laser with visible light compact, light weight device suitable for clinical applications. Laser therapy, also known as photo biomodulation, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), cold laser therapy, and as laser biostimulation is an effective method for:

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment
Wound Healing
Skin Treatment (esp. for Acne)
Pain Management
Cosmetic Regeneration
Resolving Viral and Bacterial Infections
Diabetic wound healing
Nerve Regeneration

Dermatological Conditions
Rheumatic Conditions
Degenerative Joint Disease
Post-Traumatic and Post-Operative Conditions
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Conditions for which acupuncture is indicated
Laser type : Semiconductor laser/Ga Al As
Laser probe : 910nm – 500 mW pointed (module)
Treatment time : 0 – 60 mins
Pulse Frequency : 9 steps 10 Hz to 5KHz
Sweep : 10 Hz to 5 KHz
Pulse width : 100 us nominal
Mains voltage : 110V/220V, 50 or 60 Hz

Supplied with following accessories :
Main Unit : 01 No.
Power cable : 01 No.
Operating manual : 01 No.
Safety Google : 02 Nos.
IR 685nm – 100 mW pointed Probe : 01 No.
Carry Case : 01 No.

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