OT Surgical Table


Type of Surgery General Surgery
Table Type Fully Electric
Height Adjustable Range (in mm) Max.1000 mm
Trendelenburg (in Degrees) 25
Surgery Major Surgery
Table Length (in mm) 1900 mm
Table Width (in mm) 520 mm
Features Height Adjustable
Brand medwin india
Application Operation Theatre
Country of Origin Made in India

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The OT Surgical Table is a versatile and reliable table that is designed to meet the needs of modern operating rooms. It has a sturdy base that can support a wide range of surgical procedures, from orthopedic surgeries to neurosurgery. The tabletop is made of a durable and easy-to-clean material, and it can be adjusted to various positions to ensure maximum patient comfort and surgeon convenience. The table is also equipped with advanced safety features, such as automatic locking mechanisms and emergency stop buttons, to ensure the highest level of patient safety. With its intuitive design and advanced functionality, the OT Surgical Table is an essential tool for any modern operating room.

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