Carbon Electrodes (08 NOS) with 4 Lead Wires For TENS / Electrotherapy Machines


Re-usable Carbon Electrodes : 08 Nos.

Input 6.35 mm Jack
Output 2.5mm Jack

With this cable customer can also use sticky pads

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Introducing our Carbon Electrodes (08 NOS) with 4 Lead Wires, perfect for use with TENS and Electrotherapy Machines. These electrodes are designed to provide optimal conductivity, ensuring accurate and effective treatment. The set includes 8 electrodes, giving you plenty of replacements for future use. With 4 lead wires, you can easily connect the electrodes to your machine and target multiple areas at once. Made with high-quality carbon, these electrodes are durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for your therapy needs.

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