2MHz RF CAUTERY– Radio Surgery with High Frequency Cautery



Power Input 110 volts/220 volts
Power consumption 150 Watts.
Frequency 2 MHz
Maximum Output:
HF Monopolar 150 Watts on 400 ohm load
HF Bipolar 100 Watts on 100 ohm load
Coagulation 100 Watts on 1000 ohm
Size: 8½ ” x 7½ ” x 4″
Weight: 3.5 Kgs

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Introducing the 2MHz RF CAUTERY, an advanced radio surgery device equipped with high frequency cautery technology. This product is designed to offer precise and efficient performance during surgical procedures. With its 2MHz frequency, it guarantees a fast and effective coagulation process, while minimizing collateral damage to surrounding tissues. The product’s ergonomic design ensures easy handling, and its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation. Whether you’re a medical professional or a patient, the 2MHz RF CAUTERY is a reliable and effective solution for all your surgical needs.

Standard Accessories

Monopolar Handle – 01 No.
Patient Plate – 01 No.
Electrodes – 01 Set
Foot Switch – 01 No.
Hand Switch – 01 No.
Bipolar / forceps – 01 No.
Cleaning Knife – 01 No.
Power cable: 01 No.
Operating manual: 01 No.

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